Loss Prevention and Loss Reduction

TMCA performs risk and loss analysis and recommends appropriate means to reduce the frequency and severity of the loss. In some cases, the proposals may eliminate the chance of specific loss entirely.

Subrogation and Recovery

TMCA undertakes any claim or case with potential third party liability and subrogates on behalf of whom it may concerned. Our systematic way of defining liability and obtaining documents/evidence maximizes recovery potential. Based on the prospect of a particular case, TMCA will decide whether to settle amicably or commence legal action through its own Legal Department or outside counsels if the case in question warrants such endeavor and actions.

Surveying & Investigating

TMCA surveys and investigates via its network of surveyors/inspectors and Central Control system all types of cargo and vessels on worldwide basis. Apart from damage surveys, our experts also perform loading and discharge surveys on steel products and bulk cargo. Reports and photographs transmitted via Internet, and electronic filing keep clients promptly informed of the outcome of inspection.


TMCA undertakes to arrange and direct all salvage on all various cargo/merchandise on behalf of the party with interest. Salvage sales or operations are conducted locally or internationally through a vast worldwide network depending on the specifics of the case.

Adjusting & Negotiating of Settlements

TMCA main offices in New York and Long Beach adjust claims in accordance with the applicable policy terms and conditions as they specifically relate to each case. Our highly trained adjusters are well versed with different policy formats and compute claims with equity for parties under contracts of insurance. Our adjusters will enter into negotiation upon request to resolve any dispute or difference arising from a claim.

Claims Settling

Through the letter of credit accounts and separate escrow accounts with concerned insurers/underwriters, TMCA’s settling mechanism greatly facilitates the finalization of claims, through L.C Accounts and wire transfers, settlements are timely effected to provide needed relief to the claimants.

Products liability

In response to the increasing products liability suits and claims resulted from demands of foreign products in U.S. TMCA represents a number of international liability underwriters in defending and process product liability cases. Our team of highly trained attorneys in this field and national network of correspondent attorneys in various states ensure these suits are dealt with legal expertise and promptness.

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